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Northwest Arkansas Campaign

The Northwest Arkansas Campaign is a successful grassroots approach to fundraising led by a team of dedicated community volunteers. For many years, it raised financial resources to benefit Economics Arkansas through a letter campaign and fundraisers that included President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump as keynote speakers.

Since 2012, it has hosted the Excellence of Free Enterprise Awards gala luncheons to recognize the worldwide impact of visionary Arkansas leaders.

2012--The legacy of Sam Walton, J.B. & Johnelle Hunt, and Don Tyson
2014--Mike Duke, Walmart
2016--Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson
2019--The George Family and the Simmons Family

In 2015, it began hosting novel boutique events, including
2015--American Dream Luncheon
2017--Driving the American Dream
2019--The Trade Game

For more information about the NW Arkansas Campaign, contact Kathleen Lawson at 501-682-4349 or

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