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El Dorado Trivia Challenge Accepting Team Registrations Now

El Dorado Trivia Challenge Accepting Team Registrations Now

Teams may register now for the El Dorado Trivia Challenge on March 13, 2014, at the South Arkansas Arts Center.

Show off your knowledge of trivia, earn prizes, have fun and support economic education. The event includes a reception with drinks and heavy appetizers, a costume contest, and plenty of merriment.

The theme is "It's our America," with trivia about the culture, civics, history, geography, business and sports and entertainment that have shaped this country.

For example:

  • In 1922, the Postmaster General announced that mail delivery would cease to those homes and businesses that didn’t have what installed?
  • Mail boxes

  • Which continental US state does not observe daylight savings time?
  • Arizona

  • Which of the Marx brothers had a mustache and smoked cigars?
  • Groucho Marx

  • Introduced in 1908, what was the first mass-produced car in America?
  • Model T Ford (business)

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