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What We Do

Economics in action at our
R.E.A.L. Conference

To encourage the integration of economics, entrepreneurship and personal finance education concepts into the classroom, Economics Arkansas has been investing in K-12 educators through its Professional Development (PD) training, programs and resources since 1962.

All training is certified by the Arkansas Department of Education, i.e., standards-based and curriculum aligned. In addition, it is relevant, engaging, hands-on and often downright fun. We like to say that we teach economics without the "eek."

We also offer many classroom resources for downloading free of charge; the Stock Market Game, annual awards and financial support (grants). We nurture partnerships with many other organizations to expand and improve the high quality of our trainings, programs and resources.

For detailed information, please visit Resources at a Glance by grade level or category.

Please don't just take our word for it. We invite you to read the many testimonials from teachers and supporters.

And finally, everything we do is made possible by generous and loyal supporters.

Thank you.