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Student Competitions

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$10 Challenge

Grades 9-12

Do you have students who have an entrepreneurial mindset? Consider introducing them to the $10 Challenge. Students take $10 of their own money and launch a new business venture. Competing students submit a form tracking their finances throughout the competition. Winning students, and their teachers, receive cash prizes, certificates, and medallions. 

Arkansas Economics Challenge

Grades 9-12

The Arkansas Economics Challenge is a state-level competition for high school students consisting of three components: a testing portion, a writing submission, and team presentations. Competing students display their knowledge of micro and macroeconomics as well as the global economy. Teachers can register teams of 3-4 students who will compete against other teams from around the state. Winning teams receive cash prizes up to $500, scholarships, and the chance to move on to the later stages of the National Economics Challenge. 

Arkansas Personal Finance Challenge

Grades 9-12

During the Arkansas Personal Finance Challenge, teams of 3-4 students review a fictitious case study of a family's financial situation, then collaborate and prepare a PowerPoint presentation of suggestions for the family. The top 3 finalists present their ideas to a panel of expert judges. Winning teams receive prize money, certificates, and medallions. The first-place winning team will advance to the semi-regional round of the National Personal Finance Challenge. 

Econ Games

Grades 4-5

Econ Games is a competitive event for elementary students consisting of three fast-paced rounds. Student teams apply their knowledge of economics and personal finance by creating and participating in an assembly line, taking a critical thinking test, and developing and presenting an idea that solves a real-world problem. Winning teams are selected by a panel of judges made up of local community leaders. 

Picturing Econ Art Competition

Grades K-8

We have heard the expression "a picture paints a thousand words." K-8 students are challenged to picture economics by illustrating their understanding of its concepts. Students (and their teachers) with the most creative pieces are awarded prize money with student artwork featured on various social media outlets. 

Pitch It! Competition

Grades 9-12

Many are familiar with pitch competitions. This competition gives students a real-world application to classroom lessons as they pitch a new business idea before a panel of judges. Winning students receive cash prizes, certificates, and medallions. 

The Stock Market Game™

Grades 4-12, College, Teacher

The Stock Market Game™ is a national program of the SIFMA Foundation that allows students and teachers the opportunity to invest a virtual $100,000 in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds over a semester or year-long session. Arkansas is divided into six regions and three divisions: Elementary (4-6th), Middle School (7-9th), and High School (10-12th). College and teacher divisions are statewide competitions.