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Arkansas Bankers Association

The Arkansas Bankers Association has endorsed an annual campaign for Economics Arkansas for more than 35 years. Each year, the president of the ABA leads this fundraising campaign by writing a letter of request to its member banks. The ABA was instrumental in the establishment of Economics Arkansas in 1962.

We are grateful to Cathy Owen of Eagle Bank and Trust for chairing the 2018-19 campaign. Download the request and pledge card or donate online. Thank you.

For more information about the ABA Campaign, call 501-682-4230 or email

In 2016, as part of its 125th anniversary, the ABA published a retrospective magazine, incl. excerpts from an original 1966 article by Bessie B. Moore. She discusses the importance of economic education and the vital responsibility of bankers to help eradicate economic literacy.
"More than any other businessmen, bankers probably recognize the need for economic education."

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