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Grades 3-5 Workshop Topics

Economics: The Piece that Makes Learning Complete!

Have you spent time searching for the piece of the puzzle that makes learning complete? Look no further, ECONOMICS is that piece! This professional development opportunity promises to share creative approaches and integration ideas to help your students learn “why” and “how” everything fits! Activities presented will be tied to Common Core standards.

A Visit with Miss Frizzle!

A Visit with Miss Frizzle will provide teachers with the opportunity to pair science and economics in fun, hands on activities that meet current Arkansas standards.

Let’s Talk Money

Headlines reveal that we need to develop financially fit students. But how? This professional development opportunity will allow participants to apply economics and decision-making skills to the real world of earning and spending an income, saving, using credit and managing money.

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

When was the last time you found yourself lost in the pages of a great children’s book? Children’s literature provides inviting opportunities for students to explore the world around them and the world beyond, including
economics. Engaging activities will be shared that are ready to be used in the classroom.

Math & Economics

“Why do I have to learn all this math stuff?” Come participate in engaging “real world” lessons that tie economics and math together . Each lesson provides a student-centered introduction of a basic economic concept that is reinforced through math activities. Fun? You can count on it! Lessons have been correlated to Common Core Standards.