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Grades 6-8 Workshop Topics

Economics in the Middle

Learn how focusing on the economic way of thinking can assist teachers across the curriculum to move students to higher-order thinking. Hands-on, engaging activities that teach economics and reinforce other disciplines.

Personal Finance for Tweens

Looking for new ideas for your classroom? This professional development opportunity will provide teachers with the tools and tips to discuss important concepts in personal finance through engaging, real world activities.

What in Were They Thinking?

What causes people to change their economic behavior? How did historic events in our nation and around the world play a role in the decision making of leaders? Lessons and activities will be shared that are sure to engage your students!

Looking for new ways to engage your students in the real world? Do you use popular novels in your classroom? Use fundamental economic concepts to relate the books you are reading to the real world.

Global Economics: Why Do I Care?

Why should you care what happens to the economy of Japan or if Toyota has a good quarter? Why would your store owner care about the European debt crisis? Is the US economy going into a double dip? Why would your students care? Middle school and secondary teachers will learn how to integrate global understandings into history, economics, geography, civics and personal finance using engaging, relevant activities. Class content will be connected to current events through economics in a fun and exciting way. Come trot around the globe with us and learn economics along the way!

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