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Grades 9-12 Workshop Topics

How Money Works

Teenagers spent more than $170 billion dollars. Do they have all the tools they need to make wise decisions? This professional development opportunity will equip teachers with hands-on, standards - based lessons to share with their students.

Integrating Economics into Social Studies Disciplines
Looking for new ideas to teach social studies content? This activity based workshop will introduce you to an array of lessons that will engage students in social studies content and make relevant economic connections.  Workshop participants will receive lesson plans, technology tie-ins and activities that will make social studies come alive in your classroom!

Global Economics: Why Do I Care?

Why should you care what happens to the economy of Japan or if Toyota has a good quarter? Why would your store owner care about the European debt crisis? Is the US economy going into a double dip? Why would your students care? Middle school and secondary teachers will learn how to integrate global understandings into history, economics, geography, civics and personal finance using engaging, relevant activities. Class content will be connected to current events through economics in a fun and exciting way. Come trot around the globe with us and learn economics along the way!

Economics: It's Not Dismal Anymore!

After this week-long professional development opportunity, teachers won’t see Economics as the DISMAL science any more. Teachers will experience hands-on activities that can be used to teach all of the content for the required economics course. This opportunity is offered each summer. Attendance is restricted to teachers who will be teaching the high school economics course.