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Econ Activities to do at Home with Your Kids

Looking for activities to do at home with your kids to teach economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship?

You've come to the right place. 

All of the resources below are available for free use. Sharing is encouraged. Enjoy. 

  • Design and create your family savings bank and enter it in our contest in celebration of April being Financial Literacy Month. Deadline is April 17, 2020.

  • April is Financial Literacy Month. Explore a new activity to teach personal finance every day.

  • Through quick, interactive tales, students can learn useful financial management skills, such as savings, money management and goal setting. Recommended for students age PreK-5th grade.

  • Sammy introduces young learners to financial basics. Sing fun personal finance songs that you might keep singing all day long.
    Click here for an author reading of "Sammy's Big Dream."

  • When Life Gives you Lemons, Learn about Entrepreneurship

    Wanna be your own boss? Here are several tips and resources to learn more.
    1. Watch this video about Lemonade for Sale.
    2. Discuss the video with these questions.
    An entrepreneur is somebody who takes a risk to start or expand a business.
    3. Try out these games to gauge how successful you'd be selling lemonade:
    Lemonade Stand
    Lemonade Stand
    4. Design a sign to advertise lemonade for The Elm Street Kids' Club.
    5. Create a graph to chart sales for each day of the week.
    6. Nick Jr. Lemonade Stand. Create a virtual lemonade stand. Learn and test basic math skills. For young learners.
    7. Your First Lemonade Stand. This simple game teaches business and economics. Run your own virtual lemonade stand for 30 days.

  • How do you study economics? One "bite" at a time. Plenty of lesson plans that can be easily adapted for various, non-traditional classroom use.

  • Design/Writing Challenge: Redesign the bear and the bull

    A bear market is one where stocks steadily decline and investors are motivated to sell; a bull market is one where stocks are steadily increasing with investors' optimism. Challenge: Design two new symbols (animal or other) to replace the bear and bull images and explain (in writing) why their symbols are good representations of these markets. (Courtesy of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank)

  • Extensive resources for teachers. Parents will find the consumer site helpful.

  • Free lesson plans, games, simulations and more for your personal finance class, many can easily be adopted for homeschooling or remote schooling.

  • In partnership with Khan Academy, Bank of America offers online "building blocks" toward personal finance literacy.

  • Comprehensive resources and tools for educators, also valuable teaching resources for parents.

Check back regularly for updates.

Got other ideas and resources you'd like to suggest? Email them to, with the subject line: econ activities to do at home with your kids webpage.