Stock Market Game Teacher Resources

The Stock Market Game Program offers many resources for teachers to access when utilizing this amazing teaching tool in their classrooms. These resources have been delineated into two categories: Informational and Interactive. Additional resources will be added as they become available, so check back often.

Informational Teacher Resources for SMG

Interactive Resources for Teachers of SMG

  • Can you identify the company or brand associated with each letter? (This activity was created in Microsoft PowerPoint software.)

  • This worksheet guides students to research ticker symbols, industries, geographic locations and more for specified Arkansas companies. An answer sheet for this activity may be downloaded by clicking here.

  • Read the story. As a bolded word is read, record the first company brand that comes to mind on the included worksheet. Using the Internet, discover if these are privately held companies or companies you can invest in.

  • This learning activity uses the format of the TV game show, Jeopardy! Your students will have a blast learning terms associated with the stock market. (The activity was built using Microsoft PowerPoint software.)

  • Student groups team up to determine if statements presented about the Stock Market are "True" or "False." Based on their answers, teams may earn or lose points. Additionally, they have the opportunity to "double down" in hopes of taking the lead! (This activity was created in Microsoft PowerPoint software.)

  • This is a great website to show your students a heat map of the market sectors.

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