Econ in the Rock: White House. Green Building

CANCELLED due to the #governmentshutdown
Clinton Presidential Library, 1200 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72201

Cancelled! This workshop, originally scheduled for Jan. 10, 2019, has been cancelled due to the #governmentshutdown. Please check back with us frequently for a new date.

The Clinton Administration was committed to improving the environment by encouraging eco-friendly living. When President Clinton was building the Clinton Center, he applied this commitment to the design, construction, and operation of the building.

Using documents, graphics, videos, interactive games, photos, a real tiny house, and text, students can learn more about the role the Clinton Administration played in the green building movement. As a result, today, it is easier to make sustainable living a part of everyday life.

Presented in partnership with Economics Arkansas, this workshop will allow educators to preview the exhibit and explore the connections between the environment and economy.

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