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Teaching Personal Finance: Mastering Interest Rates

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
3:30 pm4:30 pm

When we think of interest rates, we may begin to get anxious because the topic seems difficult to understand. But really, the concept is simple. Interest can be defined as rent on money. Paying interest when you borrow money for some period is similar to paying rent to use an apartment for some period. When you no longer need the money, you return it to the owner. You usually pay the interest plus a fraction of the principal each month for several months or years. While you pay interest if you borrow money, you can also earn interest if you loan money. In other words, you can be a borrower or a saver. During this webinar, we will discuss questions like How do I calculate an interest rate? How does interest work on credit cards? How does interest work on savings accounts? How do rising and falling interest rates affect me?

Presenter: Dr. Mike Casey

Target audience: middle and high school educators

Upon successful completion, participants will receive:
1 hour of professional development credit
$10 Walmart eGift card