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Literacy Series Resources

Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur 

by Luke Sharpe

Everyone is talking about Billy Sure, the twelve-year-old CEO of Sure Things, Inc. and genius inventor of the All Ball, a ball that turns into different sports balls with the push of a button. Now Billy wants to help other kids achieve their inventing dreams just like he has!



CEO Playground Millionaire

by Sundee T. Frazier

Fifth-grader Cleopatra Frazier is full of business ideas that range from the sale of homegrown avocados to a tooth-extracting franchise. Along the way, she and the readers learn important lessons about saving and budgeting, entrepreneurship, business management, and business ethics.



Lunch Money

by Andrew Clements

Greg Kenton, a 6th-grader with lots of talent, likes to make money. He starts his own business, Chunky Comics, and it's a big hit! But his long-standing competitor and annoying neighbor, Maura Shaw, is starting to cut into his business. This means war! 



The Lemonade War

by Jacqueline Davies

Evan and his sister Jessie usually get along just fine, until he finds out that she's skipping third grade. That means she'll be in his fourth-grade class next year, showing him up every day with her perfect grades. Now Evan doesn't want her help with his lemonade stand, even though he could really use her math skills to make a profit.



The Toothpaste Millionaire

by Jean Merrill

In this classic children's novel, 6th-grader Rufus Mayflower, with the help of his friend Kate MacKinstrey, develops a simple recipe for toothpaste and earns his first million--all while discovering that the best entrepreneurs excel by integrity and determination.



Ella the Banker

by Liam Sprinkle and Shamim Okolloh

Ella and her elementary school friends are off on a field trip to Pesa Bank. Adventure awaits as they explore what happens at banks. They are marveled by Nuru, the banker, as they learn the intricate ways of banking and take a ride down the famous money slide. 





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